Science Programs 

Chemistry/AP Chemistry

Learn about matter and energy, chemical nomenclature, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, modern atomic theory, chemical bonding.  Monday, Wednesday 4 - 5:15pm. Offers homework help

AP Physics/Physics

In this course, you will learn about the basics of physics. Topics include basics motion, motion with gravity, forces, momentum, and energy. 9th grade and above.  Mondays & Fridays 4 - 5:15pm. Offers homework help

AP Biology/Biology

In this course you will learn about cell structure and function, gene expression, and basic patterns of inheritance. Tuesday, Thursday 4 - 5:15pm. Offers homework help

General Middle School Science

For middle school science grades 6 - 8. Everyday excluding Sunday. Fill out the form below to schedule a time. Begins after 3:30pm and ends at 7:00pm.