Computer Programming  

Introduction to Java Programming 

Introduces computer science and programming for young children. Learn design and implementation of algorithms and programming in a structured, modular language, with emphasis on problem solving, program design, and style. Monday, Wednesday 4 - 5:15pm.  

Fundamentals of Java Programming 

The program builds on the fundamentals by constructing programming solutions using decision controls (if, else), and external file reading. Utilization of simple data structures such as arrays and classes will also be taught. Tuesday, Thursday 4 - 5:15pm.  

Advanced Data Structures With Java

The final program in the series, students will learn about data structures, algorithm analysis and inheritance. Additional topic include, collections, lists, maps, and sorting. Begins 

Fridays 4 - 6pm.  

AP Computer Science

For students participating in the AP course. We help and go over different topics and questions on the AP Test. Monday, Wednesday 4 - 5:15pm.